Mr Cook

Mr Cook
I want you to come back
Sail once more Sir
Into Botany Bay
I want you to see what you have done
With old English love
And cheap gifts
For my black people
My beautiful black people
Then I want you to sail away again
To a death by blacks
Albeit Tahiti
Albeit justice

9 thoughts on “Mr Cook

  1. well to save all the other requests can i please use all your poems and please can u provide the authors

    thankyou very much

  2. hi
    i was just wondering if i could use this for an english assignment and could you please provide the author
    thanks a lot 🙂

  3. hi i was wondering if i could get an email asap on Paul Buttigieg for an english assignment that would be great thanks
    from Bianca

  4. hello . . . i like this poem and would be a great help for my english assignment . . . can i please use it and can i please have the authors name asap for my assignment???

  5. i love the poem its nice and im also in yr 7 and im doing an assignment on poems and aboriginal ones and i think that they are great poets and that all they’re poems are based on true stories

  6. This is really nice i like this one! i have visit ur site 5000
    times and its helped me out heaps with school thanx

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