Blame The Blacks

Outside a pub I sit
You claim is my home
Cos’ I’m pissed as
Wi’ black skin won’t roam

You say to the fella
I’m not worth two bob
Just black and worthless
Drunken slob

And dole day you say
Is my highlight each week?
You whites have your say
Blacks don’t speak

Sober we’re black
And drunk the same
You built the pubs
We’re to blame

22 thoughts on “Blame The Blacks

  1. and when i say great i mean GREAT!!

    if it is possible would i be able to use this for my assignment

  2. hi i thought this poem was great
    i was wondering if i could use it for my assignment.
    if i can i was wondering what the authours name was for reference.
    thanks i enjoyed this poem

  3. Hello, i was wondering if i could please use this poem in my assignment and also if you could tell me who the author is , thanks

  4. i thnk its really interestin 2 c som1s pov like this, bi tha way who writes this poem? i need it 4 mii asignment

  5. this poem’s amazing, it’s so true and written perfectly. although all the poems on here are great, this one meant a little more to me. so i’ll be using it on my assignment, if you don’t mind. of course i’ll be crediting the author obv. thank you 🙂
    btw to all the previous comments: the author of ever poem on here is Paull Buttigieg, it says it in the About section if you scroll down.

  6. this is an awesome poem – i was just wondering if i would be able to use it for an assignment on aboriginal personal voices??

    please let me know ASAP

    thanks =]]

  7. Hey, these poems are great, I’m going to be using this for an assignment on the Aboriginal rights, previous to the 1967 constitutional referendum, with credits to the author. Thanks heaps.

  8. It’s not disturbing at all. It is so so true, one of the best most honest poems I have read in a long time. Thankyou.

  9. hey thats a great poem and sad truly because its true black people went through a lot of tough things and all of it because they’re black
    SIGNED: B.Y.G.

  10. This is such an emotive poem, full of such truth.

    And in relation to a previous comment – I do not find this poem disturbing, what I find disturbing is a poem like this can be written based upon actual beliefs and such discrimination.

    Btw, can I use this poem for an assignment?
    And is there any sort of specific background info relating to this poem?


  11. wow this internet thing is amazing, just for the connections, i am a Birapi women and feel blessed to be able to be a part of this connection and thankyou Paul for connecting us with your honest and witty some times sad poetry

  12. i like this poem it really touched me
    it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 :):) xoxoxo

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