Death By obligation

My right to be black
Must never be questioned
By Whiteman
My right to die
For my land and my people
And my right to maintain the fight
Must always be respected by Whiteman
Till my death

7 thoughts on “Death By obligation

  1. hello i am barry and i am known as shnaza 🙂 i think this poem is really good because it is fully to bully yee thats wat i think this is becuase it tells you everyone should be freinds even if we are different colours and backrounds doesnt make us better or even more special than other ppl.

  2. hello i am mr long face and i have a long face. well because i have a long face everyone teases me and i am here to tell u it is not nice to tease because we dont like being teased do we? welll thats why this poem is important so i think there should be no teasing in the world so we can alll be freinds and not enimies. i also think this poem is really well writen.

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