A Black Mood

There is darkness
A black hole
So deep
An anger of diabolical consequence
Still rising
All around Australia
By blacks
Good blacks
Bad blacks
Poor blacks
Sick blacks
Working blacks
Idle blacks
Incarcerated blacks
Free blacks
Angry blacks
And these black men will rise
In unity
In pride
Vanguards for their people
A Survival of race
And hope will come
One day soon
So desperate
To save their own kind
Their children
Their culture
From urban destruction
Wanton genocide
At the hands of white madness
White politics
For what
Just a misunderstanding
By mind gorillas
Gone mad

10 thoughts on “A Black Mood

  1. tv’s are a great way of looking. poems are a good read and this is just that. i want to be able to write this well – in my chapel.

  2. Hi.
    i really like this poem and was wondering if i could use it for an upcoming assignment?

  3. Wow, this poem is deep, beginning with an angry undertone, it changes into a hopefull and stirring piece of writing. It speaks to the reader, regardless of colour.

  4. hi, i was wondering if i could please use this poem for an english assignment. the same assignment as chrissie.

  5. its sad how only people look and read such poems only because it is a school assignment. paul, are you a black or a white? In some ways it does not matter. because your writing speaks to everyone and anyone. no matter who or where they have come from.

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