The Red Square part 2

Fairly happy with his lot,
And least likely to complain,
It’s that eccentric man from Maketu,
Who makes home brew sweet as rain?

With an office down the yard,
Ocean views from the hill,
His Red Square guest centre,
Is a tourist spot to kill?

Tobacco plants dance in the breeze,
In a garden tilled so well,
And although not lung friendly,
The leaves are nice to smell.

Facilities that match the Hilton,
On the pleasant side of rough,
But at least it’s all there,
You just have to do it tough.

And the company is fantastic,
You’ll probably meet some kin,
And get to have a drink with Trev,
Relax, have a win.

The Red Square is famous,
Best plot in the land,
A famous New Zealand landmark,
Where life is just so grand.