The Mudgy Darts Club

Somewhere up in Mudgeeraba
Upon a rocky hill of clay
We formed the Mudgy darts club
That will live on til’ this day

There was Aaron handsome Elvis
And the famous Uncle Paul
And crazy little Pete
Who just loved to have a ball?

There was long suffering others
Who thought that they could play?
And take old Sedley’s dart crown,
Well that’d be the day

And the son’s whom Old Sedley loved
Would often have a go
To beat the champ at “three O One”
But they never got to crow

The Mudgy darts club was a special place
Where world problems could be solved
By the Mudgy darts club players
Men all very bold

And more imaginative we did become
As the four X did its job
Our arses all planted on plaster buckets
Regaling stories with Dear Old Bob