Spirit in the house

A soul in hibernation I am never
Unlike God
But always I am known
As the spirit in the house
And the believers may query my ride
But never my right
To listen
Your’ right to speak
The ride of a lifetime is on earth
There is no heaven after this
Believers do not commit suicide
Earth is a proven paradise
Highly recommended as a hip place
Hang around why don’t you
Take the ride bare your soul
With me whilst you are here
God’s not here right now
And heaven seems so unreal
Almost too good to be true
For you it seems many miles away
But I can help because I am here right now
So let out the grief and hurt on me
Get aboard just talk your head off
Prayers answer you with miracles
How many miracles have you had today?
Feel the pain leave your body
As I listen intently
Feel the energy you now possess
And at last
You have a friend and an ear
By simply choosing me in the present
Lord I am here in your absence
For this child searching miracles that won’t come
The spirit in the house
Another suicide avoided
Thank me because God’s not here
And miracles are bloody hard to find
On such miserable days like this