Save my Brothers

Black Australians with different views
White men in sorry queues
Indigenous friend’s with sad news
Kids with affinity for the glues
Politicians ready to confuse
Everyone has something to lose
Simple genocide you can choose
White man’s to blame not the booze

7 thoughts on “Save my Brothers

  1. Aboriginal Australia is a great site……… will be easy if you simply perform a google search, there are many good sites that will come up for you to explore.

    Good luck Paolo

  2. Paolo i admire you.
    being an aboriginal person it makes me feel very good inside when i read of a non aboriginal person who understands what it is like to be considered ‘different’ because of the colour of your skin. i have read quite a few of your poems and i love every single one, and to be honest i thought that you were aboriginal just by how much understanding and respect is in your poems….Thank you for that….

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