Pennies from Heaven (Part 1)

Not known by Old Joe and Betty’s kids
Was that treasure did abound
In the form of many pennies
If only it could be found

And big brothers were free to roam
The paddocks and the plains
Searching the run down houses
That hid those monetary gains

A penny from Mum or Dad
Would set us little kids alight
And off to the delicatessen for lollies, we’d go
Then back home for the fight

A single penny was a treat
Of proportions like Uluru
Just imagine the excitement for us kids
If we happened upon two

But there’s a tale of fair veracity
That happened to my ear
The treasure of Webster’s paddock
Was found and buried near

Now Old Lyons road is a special place
And has a wonderful history
But who found Webster’s treasure
I think I’ll keep a mystery