Ned Kelly (A Sad Tale)

Did you think you could beat them all?
For god’s sake
Your gang was a rabble
You had a case my friend
A good case
A real cause
Persecution is a crime
You were a victim
Long before you were a criminal
And the lawyers were queuing up Ned
Waiting your letter
Your plea for help
You just had to tough it out
With no guns
And your chosen brief would reach fame
In an instant
Ya’ ma was in gaol for fuck sake
Your story was newsworthy
She wanted you to live
A good life
A farmer’s life
She just wanted you to come in
Talk to you
Sure you were a rogue
But lovable
Murderers lose Ned
You can not kill fellow man
And let your Ma’ down like that
How sad

4 thoughts on “Ned Kelly (A Sad Tale)

  1. Hi Paul,

    I teach English (High School in New South Wales) and just love this poem. Would you mind if I share this poem with some of my students?

  2. Firstly their weren’t lawyers queuing up Ned stayed out of trouble for 3 years with the police picking on him and he had had enough he and his friends stood up for themselves and decided they didn’t want to be picked and maybe his mum was proud of him for that u never know

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