Mighty Tsunami

Religious beliefs failed
Shut your eyes
Here comes your free ride to heaven
Or hell
Or wherever
It’s all over my dearest friends
You have been chosen
For your poor choice of land
Your chosen plot
Church every Sunday failed
Or succeeded for some of you
If you loved fate
Maybe a bomb around someone’s waste
Promoted your delusion
That a special world exists
You know martyrs are just corpses
Wasted lives
A loss of the ability to speak and influence
You never got the chance
But God or Allah or Mohammed took your life anyway
Religion has failed again
And failed you all
Or was it that some other great idol would save you
All that belief now in serious doubt
You were all so young
They took your children
Your homes
Ask yourself
Would a god do this?
What was it you were praying for?
It’s Madness, sadness no forgiveness?
And to whom do we pray now?
It was a fucking earthquake my friends
Hows that for a god?
A belief
Go on dream believers
When your numbers up religion goes missing
Always for the dead
No god will save you
No amount of prayer will lift you to safety
The world will say a prayer for you all
And you were in the wrong place at the wrong time
That’s all