Me and Junior

It’s me and the dog now
Junior’s lost his Mum
He’s lost his best friend
I’ve lost mine

It’s us now versus the world and
What it brings

He’s been searching
Car watching
Listening with hope that Mum will come
She won’t

I’ve been crying seeking reasons
Door watching
Praying with hope that Mum will come
She won’t

This is no longer a dream

He wanders from her chair to
Her bed
Back to her chair
His eyes are sad

And I just follow
My eyes are sad

Our hearts are broken

We are missing Mum
Hoping she will come home
She won’t

4 thoughts on “Me and Junior

  1. Thankyou so much Mike, No one, absolutely no one had a mother like yours.

    This earth does not have many Angels but your Mum was one and I guess she was needed elswhere because of it..

  2. Paul, your thoughts are our thoughts and feelings. We will miss the love, energy, caring & fun of yours and our Nirene. We have been in constant contact with Barb & Trev, and have been with you every moment of the journey.Thank you for the poetry that is a crutch for us all. Much Love, Beth & Pat Baucke and all the family XXXXXX

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