Lyons Road part 1

You had to love Lyons Road,
It was a paradise for us,
Pepper trees in Kiltie Ave,
And the old Bowmans bus.

The McCormack’s and the Morton’s,
True friends to us indeed,
Always there to help us,
That family most in need,

Prince the dog waitin’ for Dad,
Gee that was great,
And if Joe was comin’ home today,
He’d be sittin’ at the gate.

And Phil workin’ at Johnnies,
Made Old Betty Proud,
He brought home meat and cheese,
I heard her thank im’ loud.

Limestone in the driveway,
Leading to the shed,
Where Old Joe parked his car,
That you beaut, 53′ chev.

The grapevines and the marrows,
That hung from the sky,
Gave us kids heaps of shade,
And in summer we got by.

Rows of flowers in a line,
Vegetables all a treat,
A better gardener than Old Joe,
You would never meet.

Arkus, the cockatoo,
Swore a little bit,
But try and offer a finger,
You were likely to get bit.

But Lyons Road was special,
That place sure rings a bell,
Cos’ that’s when I remember,
I was as happy as bloody hell.