Life is Death

When I am Gone
All you can do is remember me
It’s not your fault I am gone before you

Death will get us all

The hardest thing about death
Is life

Not knowing your turn or where you are in the queue
Who will outlast you?

Who will be at my funeral?
Should they choose me worthy?

Not all of course will make it
But I shan’t care at all

The comfort of a painless body
A well healed heart
A less stressed man will lie in peace

On earth was hard
Under it will be easy

I’ll think no more of the next day
That will be your job
Each of you

For I am gone the future is yours


In my photos we still live together
In film and video we acted our parts
In music we reminisced
And in life we loved

In death I await you so that we can love again
And wreak havoc