Hiding Intentions of Evil

Atop the rooves angry over stayers
Accommodation must be burnt to the ground
We expect better than this Australia

All Aboard
The labour party boats to freedom
Is this all you can give us Australia
Is there no more

Embraced by all of our comrades
Dole payments will not meet our expectations forever
From a government that loves us
We need more

Our Julia
Our girl
We love your plan

Helping us hide
Our intentions of evil
Our downright ungrateful spirit
Our desire to use your system

Legally of course
Treat us with respect and we will stay


Bring our mates and families
To suck you dry

And all the while
Your policy will hide our intentions of evil


Thank god you’re such a generous mob
Thank Allah you’re true blue

We love you Australia but you must change
You must embrace our intentions of evil