End of My Line (An Aging Man’s Lament)

Is my love for this place at an end?
Whilst others think I’m doin’ fine?

Issues unresolved an old man moving on
Comments about generations apart

You are sixty soon
Biggest deal in my life so far
I made it

Thanks for reminding me
I’ll try and remember to remind myself
If only that would please
You young bastards

I do not remember that – they will say
When I regale about past years
Getting old is a crime of storytelling


Lest youthful interest be of profit

And I feel sad for what these young Turks will miss
Driven is a bad reason to ignore knowledge

Father, oh father if only you had regaled like me
I would understand you

Will come the cry

The spoken word, the written word a treasure of time

And where am I placed now

At the end of my line with ignorant youth it’s something I ponder