Educated Beer Drinker

I had to make a decision,
And really show no fear,
So while I stood there thinking,
I had another beer,

Suddenly, then it hit me,
A huge brainwave I could tell,
Gotta’ get a job in a brewery,
And taste success as well.

My first week was a ripper,
Job training every day,
Tasting all the different beers,
This is heaven I would say.

With my training lessons over,
I reckon now I’m made,
Free beer for everyday I work,
And I’m even gettin’ paid.

Now you’d never guess whats happened,
They’ve given me the flick,
Said, since I started workin there,
Their profits have been sick.

Unfair dismissal, I claimed by law,
And the judge said that was true,
He made them pay me a million,
Now I own a brewery too.

Paolo copyright 1972