Let that mind of yours be loose,
Pick up the conversation from here,
Sit back; crack up if you wish,
But together lets have a beer.

Life’s not all that bad, young lad,
Why are you feeling drear?
And your girlfriend is anorexic,
Perhaps that is your fear.

Your Mother raised you well I thought,
But my absence has paid a toll,
You were obviously struggling my boy,
When I thought you were on a roll.

So where to from here lad,
You’ve got excess baggage to burn,
Maybe I can help you big time,
If you just take the time to learn.

Dads are mighty special son,
They can help to lighten the load,
When their boy is sad and lonely,
It’s an already traveled road.

One doesn’t reach this age,
Without having already felt your pain,
And that’s why dads are here for you,
Through the sunshine and the rain.