Age’s Breath

What say siblings my love’s made of truth
That’s for remembrance of youth
That thereby our love might never die
You know tomorrow could easily be goodbye
Rough justice and love unfitting doth matter not
Blow am I the one envious of this plot
My best love was as a sibling as a friend
Thou cans’t not surely let families come to an end
Fume all of you I have wrath of mother
Damned if I will forgive that she loved another
Littlest doubts are gigantic fears for me
And oft I wonder would Old Joe agree
Thou art all less temperate it seems
Warlike tis an humourless dream
That should acompany each of you to old age
Alas tis’ destiny will any of you turn the page
Too short is thou lease of life
Age’s breath is short then sickness and strife
Would thou not comprehend easier fickle existence
Thou art not conquer’d lest we merit least resistance

Paolo copyright 2003