A Walking Picture

Look beneath the footpath,
And tell me what you see,
Do you see the earth as it was?
I mean, how it used to be?

Stand still for this moment,
And take a little time,
For just a quick glance around you,
If you think the earth is fine.

Explain to me those cigarette butts,
That plastic bottle over there,
Tell me it does not concern you,
Go on say you do not care.

And years before you trod this path,
Something green did grow,
On the very spot you are standing.
Vegetation that nature would sow.

And if you took one more step,
Where extinct animals once grazed,
Yes, just move that pile of litter,
You’ll be totally amazed.

Look at the bitumen and the concrete,
Concealing the history of earth,
Where rain did not run into gutter traps,
That devalues all it’s worth.

So look beneath the footpath,
And shed a little tear,
For all the plants and animals,
That disappeared from year to year?