A Chat with My Dog

I know mate

We just don’t see Mum anymore

I know you watch the windows
Listen for the garage door

When you lie beside her bed
I know

She’s not there anymore

I know mate

The big white car doesn’t come home

Turn into the drive

You don’t bounce out to the shed

As though she was alive

It’s breaking me mate
I know you’re just a dog
But it’s breaking you

We both loved mum my boy

I desperately wish I could explain


Mum won’t be back again

4 thoughts on “A Chat with My Dog

  1. Your poems are really good. =]
    We’re in Mr. Phil Buttigieg’s year 10 extension english class. He is a good teacher. (:
    We are Mr. Buttigieg’s homies, we taught him how to talk like a gangster haha =D
    Yeah, anyway, i really enjoyed your poems.
    From Keshiiii and Shakiraaaaaaa.

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