Old Joe Trapper

No greater man than old Joe,
Took on the bush in those days,
Flies, mosquito’s and other vermin,
Wouldn’t ever change his ways.

Away for weeks he didn’t care,
Just a job he did so well,
Shoot the rabbits catch some birds,
Bring em! Home to sell.

Give the old girl a quid or two,
Shout himself a bottle of stout,
A pretty fair reward for Old Joe,
The country gadabout.

Snakes and dingoes, crocodiles,
To confront along the way
Just like an aboriginal gatherer,
Part of Old Joes day.

Diamond doves so badly named,
Did not reflect his wealth,
Money can’t buy a bushman’s skill,
Never mind his stealth.

A man that greatness may elude,
Could well be Old Joe trapper,
But in my heart this old man,
Is so famous and so dapper.

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