Old Joe in heaven pt 3

Time stood still the day dad died,
Coldest moment of my life,
First thing that I thought of,
Was mother, poor Old Joe’s wife?

Thought of Old Joe himself,
Prayed he did not suffer,
Knew he faced a challenge,
Doubt there were any tougher.

Wonder why he died alone,
Bet that was his call,
He hated company most of times,
Even at his fall.

Wonder of his last thoughts
As he felt that chronic pain,
A prelude to Old Joe’s demise,
When he never woke again.

As he died he relived his life,
Wanted to love us all the more,
Sadness probably ripped his heart,
That he didn’t say all this before.

Old Joe still looks down on us,
From heaven way above,
I reckon he’d be pretty proud,
Of the kids he’s grown to love.

Now one of us will be first,
To join our dear Old Joe,
I’m a very willing volunteer,
I just loved him so.