Old Joe and the War

There he was by default,
A true Aussie Pioneer,
Old Joe Bird Trapper,
T’was war that bought im’ ere’

Malta on the threshold,
How could he ever know?
Thirteen years of age,
And Hitler on the go,

The song of Mussolini,
Bombs performed the bass,
Germans and Italians,
Wartime concert en mass.

Load the ships wise men,
The war is on for sure,
At least save the children,
To some foreign shore.

Australia, America, and Ireland,
The kids we send to you,
Future hope of this island,
And we will fight for you.

Fuel depot for this war,
Just to help the Brits,
And the bombers on the blitzkrieg,
Spitfire versus Messer Schmitt.

How many Old Joe’s knew,
Of the real family loss,
That stayed behind in Malta,
Just to win the cross.

And you see today the history,
Of kids like poor Old Joe,
Who made it in Australia?
And gave his kids a go.