My Love for thee

Love be the food
Slip the breach of dissention
An idiot a fool to wonder
Of any other intention

Perchance, love against me
O’er hot coals I do go
Light through yonder window
Love thee more I know

Thou hast loved others
Doth it preclude me
Sweet hours from reconciliation
I raised my heart to thee

More things hasten my love
Thou art my heart and soul
Why wouldst thou be not for me
Departure should take its toll

Unto this broken heart
Fear of our summers demise
Wish thee never more to hope
Our love again should rise

3 thoughts on “My Love for thee

  1. I loved thee always and forever
    i did wonder why part of me was gone
    as i struggled after you died
    to find the place in the stars were my soul dwelt
    as if it left this mortal coil
    a trauma to the shared soul
    a mystery to my minds eye
    not knowing of the depth of cruelty
    that evil minds conspire
    all i felt was the sadness
    the depth of which was unfathomable
    i wondered where the sadness came from
    but i suppose i felt your heart
    that beats in mine
    as the blood flows
    through our ages
    as wine in seeings veins

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