Our Australia

What’s gone wrong with our Australia
Why are we locking our doors
Why do we need a bloody privacy policy
Once we shared everything
Even a cup of sugar
With anyone in our street
Why have goverments gone mad
Why have they made us so scared to open the front door
Big brother has killed society in Australia
Multiculturism has changed our face
Ruined our mood
Taken our love of all things foreign from interesting
to downright scary

Who do we blame
A piss weak government I say
Doogooders to scared to say to outsiders
This is what we want our Australia to be

We the people want to be in charge
We the people want to leave our doors open
We the people will decide who walks through those doors

Governments need to lock up the crooks
Build the jails
Turn back the boats
Save our taxes for Australia’s future

And get off the gravy train
It’s the end of Oz as we knew it