My Brand New Suit

Oh my god! Look at me,
Wearing my brand new suit,
With pin stripes and nacre buttons,
I’m handsome and so beaut.

I’ll not take it off this week,
And I’ll do the fashion walk of town,
Just a serious face, going nowhere,
Wondering up and down.

And as the cute girls go past,
I’m sure they’ll have a wee look back,
At the middle aged handsome gentleman,
With the new suit and shoes of black.

And if a bevy of beauties gather,
And ask me of my name,
I’m just a serious face going nowhere,
My new suit is all to blame.

And for all the jealous men,
Who find time to stop and stare?
Let the wives and partners tell them,
It’s his new suit that gives him flare!

And you know how good it is,
This brand new suit I wear,
It says I’m just a serious face,
And I’m not going anywhere.