Breaking Free

I love you dearly big sister,
But what is it I can do,
Except let you know I’m here,
As I’ve alway’s been for you.

I hope your sisters remember,
When you were always there,
Irrespective of their dilemma,
All you did was care.

I know us men often fail,
When it comes to lending ears,
But just for you big sister,
I’m rid of all my fears.

You are an inspiration to me.
Never mind your plight,
And nothing changes because of it,
This brother backs your fight.

Go and get now what it is,
All the things that you esteem
And pursue all the things you love,
Come on live your dream.

Worry not about what family say,
There are glass houses all around,
No stones will shatter truth,
Your leaving’s very sound.

Care not that a man is my friend,
Be it for many a long year,
But you are my dearest sister,
To lose you would be my fear.

You have finally faced your demon,
Your courage I commend ,
I love you dear sister,
Your heart I’ll help to mend.