With All My Love

Without you my darling my road would have an end
But with you my road goes on forever
And I welcome your love with all my heart
As we journey together with great happiness and spirit
We have a right to this for together we gave it life
The future is not predictable but the unknowing is exciting
Our own selfish love for each other is wonderful
And to share our freely offered passion for each others needs
Has given us a vision of untold dreaming
And I love you so much because with you
There is nought else to do except express that love

6 thoughts on “With All My Love

  1. i have to admit it,im a sucker for love poems.
    this is just beautiful. it is very clear and ever so lovely

  2. i love, love poems they’re sweet why cant any guys from our school write poems like these

  3. Greetings Paul,
    This is beautiful and I would like to ask your permission to use it in a wedding I am officiating at. The wedding is between and aboriginal lady and white man. I would certainly acknowledge you as the author.
    thanks in advance.

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