A maternal figure were you not
To siblings very grateful back then
Pressures betwixt’ a beautiful elder child
And a Mother aggrieved
In old Lyons road
That a Trapper was gone
And Melbourne beckoned for reasons unsure
Big city
Lover of a Mother whose struggles were long
Justified but harsh upon you
Doubtful lover of an Aunt obsessed
Uncle extraordinaire
A man of compassion and love
And Williamstown glowed in your mind
The possibilities
You never floundered you thrived
An amazing strength among us who knew
To be polite
But ne’er less you departed amid grief to thy mother
You set yourself free
And Old Joe cried
And Sedley sailed by your heart
Thank god your ship came in
Smitten were you not back then
That he reeled you in
A protector a lover a real man
Successful in all ways with your brilliance
Your backbone, your love
And the future was set
A Koschel dynasty beckoned
For the beautiful Vanessa