Old Betty(I admire you)

Who’d thought she’d be a mother of so many, so well
A harsh life year after bloody year no qualms from this lady to be
Royalty deserted this beautiful young woman’s dreams
And somewhere along the way, she never felt free

Perhaps her anger comes from a lost chance at the upper crust
Back in old Melbourne town an opportunity possibly lost
Adelaide with Old Joe was charming chasing rainbows with a handsome beau
Where an honourable woman would support a husband at all cost

Old Betty loved a trapper an extraordinarily cold man with a part time heart
Old Joe gifted Betty with his absence, at times too long, for a loving mother
And with step children a family of considerable size grew
A sailor I heard bore a wonderful son and Tina loved us when Betty loved another

She slaved for twenty odd years before Old Joe seemingly lost his way
And gave up on a brave woman who simply did her best with little resource
He never understood her issues back then and he died still wondering
Why on earth the day I challenged him, did he have to use force

A metal ashtray struck my mother’s head and I cried, I ran so hard
Blood was pouring from my mother’s head
And someone yelled call the police mum’s hurt get some help
For Old Betty I ran a four minute mile equivalent fearing she was dead

And to this day I still do not know why she had to suffer this?

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