Oh Trev (A tribute to Trev Koce RIP)

There was a man from Maketu
Who left us without a clue?
As to who would manage the Red Square now
The diaries and the brew

He often spoke of travelling
He loved to take his car
And hit the road to freedom
He never cared how far

But he caught us all by surprise
With his latest bloody trick
He pissed off to the pearly gates
And gave us all the flick

There has to be a reason
It defies all common sense
That he’ll never have another leak
Between the shed and fence

Someone said they’d overheard
Trev had a wonderful dream
He would take his longest journey yet
For a drink with sister Nene

She’d be at the pearly gates
Keenly waiting for her Bro
And both would hug with tear in eye
For the family left below

The Red Square can never again
Be that meeting place of choice
Where one can listen to fabulous stories
And hear that wonderful voice

4 thoughts on “Oh Trev (A tribute to Trev Koce RIP)

  1. Hi Paul
    Only the best go young,too young.
    Great Poem.
    Was only able to support Barb from a distance over the phone.
    Good to get on here and share your thoughts.
    beth xxxxx

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