Holden Hill Memories of a sad childhood

It’s a challenge in my mind of twisted memories
Only sad and sadder it seems
Jovial thoughts little laughter and devilment
Deception and childhood mischief that
Always takes me back to Lyons road
My sacred place
My last and only home as a child
For the short time I was wanted
Suffering screaming for love
Germans and English
A family of Greeks mixed with Maltese
The Irish McCormack’s offcourse
Some friends who would at least let me cry
And feed me
The shops Mr Micklewicz
An evil man
Credit and the building of debt
That poor Mum bore
Feeding children on begged money
Borrowed nourishment
A father
Who gave money to the Catholics?
But never to a wife
Dad wandered and trapped better than Harry Butler
Seemingly mixed of purpose and confused of mind
A lover at home and a wanderer at heart
No concern for his progeny
A home where love was missing
Kids cried and struggled with their Mum’s loss
And anger
She loved him until the end
There were no good outcomes at Lyons road
At least not for me
I did not deserve incarceration
Eleven year olds who dare to rebel
Just need to be heard
Not punished for five years without family or love

A burden for simply being a boy not wanted

Copyright Paolo2017-10-24