A Current Affair

That’s the memory I have
Of our first kiss
How embarrassing that such beautiful lips
I would completely miss
Outside the dance hall
Whilst taking a piss
Then you asked my recall
Of our first dance
And I responded so romantically
About a boil on my bum I had to lance
Everyone who knew us
Gave no chance
To our ever being together
For more than one dance
But we stopped the world at our next meeting
When I streaked for you
Ever so fleeting
Across the MCG
You bailed me out of Russell Street
That night
And one day cricket got a real fright
That day
Cos a loony took em’ on
With his naked body
What a sight
We made the paper next day
Everyone asked about our sanity
And at the local we were the focal pair
We spoke of marriage to a crowd
We were so aware
Amazing and all we did was get naked
And the TV stations queued
For we were the current affair
Newsworthy and unique
You see
No one had ever streaked before
We were flavour of the week