Nippon Karaoke

Nippon the mighty king of karaoke,
Could sing a splendid tune,
He knew almost every song,
This Nippon boy could croon.

He could smell a song or ballad,
From his dunny or his car,
And when the pubs held karaoke,
The Nippon never was too far.

He loved to do his Elvis,
And he did it such a treat,
Until he got half pissed ya’ see,
Then he always missed the beat.

But nothin’ stops a winner,
And the winner mumbled his song,
The big bad Nippon Karaoke,
Would continue right or wrong.

With the crowd gettin’ edgy,
Nippon tried to crack a joke,
But went head over turkey,
And landed on some bloke.

Hello sailor the nice bloke said,
I’m glad you fell for me,
Let’s do a duet tonight,
I’m feeling rather free.

Well Nippon Karaoke,
Went red and shades of hue,
And blushed just a little bit,
He didn’t quite know what to do.

Anyway Nippon said,
What song would we sing?
And Nippon’s new found sailor friend,
Said, what about some Bing.

I’ll try anything once, he said,
So the boys they hit the boards,
But Nippon didn’t know the words,
So he just hummed the chords.

Eventually the lights went down,
The music began to slow,
But Nippon Karaoke,
Just didn’t want to’ know.

Times up the publican said,
I want ya’s out of ere’
And Nippon and his sailor friend sang,
The pub’s got no flamin’ beer.