At Sixty Six it’s your teeth and hair

At sixty six that’s years of age
Not the route 66
Nor the sexual connection
But when you own your own teeth and hair
There’s a real chance of connection

A young woman came to me and said
Your smile gives me some relief
It appears you are a rarity
A pensioner with his own teeth

Oh Wow I said is it really that rare
Well not only that my beautiful man
She cooed
You appear to have your own hair

I asked her for motivation
That would allow her to care
For an old fart like me
Just sitting there

You fill in all the dots she said
You look handsome and beaut
It’s a big time bonus for us girls
To meet an old fella so cute

I pondered her approach
And wondered if she was one of them
I put the question to her gently
Are you a rooster or a hen?

Copyright Paolo2017