Your Black Prejudice

All around me prejudice creeps
Through my black skin
I feel it
I shiver at the thought
My white brothers are lost in hatred

I walked every footstep of every city
Before them
It was my kingdom
My blackness blended so well back then
With land and animal

My employment was hunting
Feeding my family
Burning the land preserving waterways
Hunting and gathering was not my only skill
A sense of family reigned

We entertained we regaled we taught the children

You came
You conquered an ancient and defenceless race
Raped and pillaged
Stripped the land bare for profit
You murdered us and took our children

You disgraced yourself

That was your black prejudice at will
Still alive and well today

2 thoughts on “Your Black Prejudice

  1. hey i was wandering if i could use this poem for an english assignment? It would be greatly appreciated if i could 🙂 Thanks.

  2. I am studying early colonisation and aboriginals at school and your poem gave me a deep understanding of the topic and I was wondering if I could use your poem for a assignment.
    Thank You

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