Walgett Heroes

Little aboriginal kids walk by a supermarket door
Magic opportunity
Football flies past the cashier
Electronic doors will do that to a kid
Great kick on the run
Goal over the left shoulder
Into the pet food aisle

Then the pub

Can we kick it high enough?
No doubt

Another bloody window goes
On another boring day

Insurance nightmare for the publican

This town cries out for kids
Little black kids

Trying to have fun

Walgett heroes

One thought on “Walgett Heroes

  1. I think this is the problem all over the world. There is nothing to do for young ones. They become overlooked outcasts. They feel no connection to place. And therefore no respect. Society have forgotten them, and so small gangs are made. What goes as the right behavior in a gang, what gives you status and makes you welcomed, liked and accepted in a gang, may not be what is right in the larger society. What will we do about it?

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