This Is Us

Australian Aborigines

This is us

We can never be white

Being black is surely struggle enough
For us fellas

We are in despair

Your white love missed us

Your money decimated
Our community

We waited
We slaved
We tried to believe

Your white lies

We paid the price
For being black
Trusting foreigners

This is us


2 thoughts on “This Is Us

  1. Like the Dodo, you had no capable wings with which to fly, but you have so much that a white man has not, remember to keep that in your heart. I love the way a black man’ said God baked us, but only half baked the white man! Love from a white woman. I wrote a poem to a man sitting in a railway carriage, not very good but:-

    From Oslo to Torp by train, in the train sat an African student who turned out to speak some English. I felt I would write a poem about an African face so set to, just minutes before he was to get off the train. I wrote:-

    Where are you going to
    Where are you from
    So dark and so handsome
    With black and with brown
    Your eyes white glow light
    In the round of your face
    Like the beautiful globes
    Of the planets in space
    Your lips full and splendid
    Your hair neat and tight
    What God first intended
    The white mans plight
    All bleached and pallid
    He burns easily
    Half baked, half baked
    Said the black-man he! he!
    Its your lot what you are
    No choice do you have
    To be this one or that one
    The genes don’t “behave.”

    This poem I gave to the man it was written about, to his surprise, how it was fun to do, write a poem and give it to a complete stranger, he thanked me profusely and got off the train.

  2. Wow Ann. you are truely an angel on Earth. People should look up to your Compassion and Kindness.

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