The Aboriginal Dreamtime

Unto this king of people
Life’s not a modern rhyme
Ancient Culture be thy real love
Govern’d potency Dreamtime

Jiva or Guruwari seed power
Ever boding dreaming
Thy sacredness enshrined
A’fore the white man scheming

Tis nobler do not teach the teacher
Thou canst not be Wandjina
Assimilation doubt thou spirits
What says a horrible scar

To thine Baiame thoust be true
Hath not your mystery bonded
An aboriginal nation
On whitemans untimely stage secondered

50 thoughts on “The Aboriginal Dreamtime

  1. Hi im aboriginal myself! this is fantastic and would love to use it for my assignment at school.May I ask, who wrote this peom? If you could please get back to me A.S.A.P that’d be GREAT! ta

  2. may i ask who wrote this poem? i agree it is fantastic, and i am also would love to analyse it for school

  3. hi im aboriginal myself and i think that this is wonderful peom and being an aboriginal is great in some ways

  4. G’day, my name is david and i’m writting a lesson for indigenous poetry and was wondering if i would be allowed to use your poem.
    thank you for your time

  5. Im and aboriginal meself i would love 2 no the person who worte this 4 my school and its ture white people don’t no nothing about aboriginal culture or dreamtime

  6. im an boiginal my self and we all love our land but along came the white men and turned us into sand

  7. Wow. This poem is quite powerful, dramatic, and yet very real and accurate. I was wondering if maybe I could sort of use it as a framework for a poem about Indigenous Australians, so, may I? By the way, as Namee pointed out, all poems are composed by Paul Buttigieg, as shown at the bottom of the page at the “About” section.

  8. here is my dreamtime poem
    The Aboriginal Dreamtime
    Unto this king of people,
    Life?s not a modern rhyme,
    Ancient Culture be thy real love,
    Govern?d, potency, Dreamtime.

    Jiva or Guruwari, seed power,
    Ever boding dreaming,
    Thy sacredness enshrined,
    A?fore the white man scheming.

    Tis nobler, do not teach the teacher,
    Thou canst not be Wandjina,
    Assimilation, doubt thou spirits,
    What says a horrible scar?

    To thine Baiame thoust be true,
    Hath not your mystery bonded?
    An aboriginal nation,
    On whitemans untimely stage, secondered.

  9. here is my dreamtime poem

    dem boys
    unno who im talkin bout
    dey were nice
    dem boys
    taken from white men
    dem boys
    r our future
    u no it
    i no it
    we all no it
    mooda gutter
    Deadly Unna

  10. hi
    i really liked this poem
    i can really connect
    im also aboriginal
    and im using this for an assignment
    if thats okay with you?
    well done and hopefull this can help non-indigineous people to relate to our culture and understand
    gabby “,

  11. who was this written by it is really good
    i also am doing it 4 a school project so i need to know who wrote this poem.
    please get back to mi ASAP

  12. Hi I am an artist wanting to use this poem in an upcoming exhibition. The poet will be credited in the catalogue which will go to all major Art museums in Australia. This poem demonstrates the tension still felt between white and black people. It is important that creative indigenous stories are told beyond Dot paintings to demonstrate that Indigenous people are creative in other mediums.
    Best, Wayde.

  13. yeh i thought this was a great poem the wording is abit hard to understand but i thought i really felt what you were talkin bout im not an aboriginal myself but i believe they are no different

  14. Hi,
    I am teaching poetry to Yr 10 in a school in south west sydney. I’m creating an Indigenous poetry unit and would love to use your work.
    Please advise if this is possible.
    Many thanks

  15. I have aboriginal in my blood and learn about it at kurri public school N S W and i think that it was a great poem IT MADE ME CRY


  17. heeeeyyyy i just wanted to ask if i could use this peom 4 skool and wanted to know what it means exactly??!!! so could you plz tell me a.s.a.p. lol thanx

  18. This poem was amazing who ever wrote put a lot of hard work in it it was reall fantastic and can you plese tell me what it means, thanks

  19. That’s any boy know where to get an Aboriginal song because I can’t find noting and i really need it for school.

    P.S I know this dosn’t have anything to do with the poem but I reallly need an Aboriginal song (a.s.a.p)

  20. Great to read and see different types of poems written by us fella’s. I love poetry, especially ones about The Dreamtime, what we don’t have now.

  21. i think the poem is great and i would love to see some more.Can you please send some to me.I’m doing the aboriginal culture at’s amazing

  22. hi my mum’s brother is married to an aboriginal and she is really nice she takes me to amazing places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that was great i have to use it for school and i would love to use this 1 if thats OK!!!
    many thanks………………Grace

  24. hey i love the poem.. my nan is from a stollen genaration and i would love to use this for my aboriginal history and i would like to know who wrote it please thanx so much its a beautiful poem …

  25. i love this poem and it is amazing i would also like to ask if i could youse your poem yours sammatha

  26. hey is this written by an aboriginal because i need to find a poem about aboriginal culture and it has to be written by a aboriginal to. P.S i’m not aboriginal but this is poem so touching thank you for your time 🙂

  27. Awesome poem it made me tear… anyway im doing an assignment on aboriginal culture and that i need to know if this has anything to do with aboriginal culture kk???


  28. I would also love to use this poem in my shool work as my heritage is also Aboriginal…. Please can i use it……

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