Outback Government Funding

My memory of a black station
A reserve
It won’t go away

The memory that is

It’s been years

And still

Recall the broken glass
The heat
The kids with one eye closed from puss
The snotty cheeks of a kid without even a handkerchief
The misery of youth
The teenage boredom

A burnt classroom

The mistrust of my white skin

Most of all I recall the skinny dogs

The shyness
The sadness
The trepidation
The fear

The disgrace

No education black or white
For my black brothers and sisters
Only an alcohol fuelled binge
Government funded

3 thoughts on “Outback Government Funding

  1. Im trying to use this poem for a modern history assignment and I need to know the artists name in order to referende it properly. Who are these poems by?

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