My Last Black Wish

I’m going now
I apologise for my sudden demise

Leave me a place to sit
Above sacred land

A black seat
Where no white man has been
An aboriginal view
Just to mend my broken heart
Contemplate my father’s losses

4 thoughts on “My Last Black Wish

  1. I like this peom because it sounds like someone is apoliging to somebody else.

    9 years-old
    OLGC Our Lady of Good Counsel Catjolic Primary School Gatton Qld Australia

  2. Thankyou Wyatt, at 9 years of age it is marvellous that you read my poetry, so many students like you enjoy it.

    The poem talks about the demise of the aboriginal culture that after 40,000 years is in danger of extinction. The poem asks the question….are there any aboriginal places left untouched by whiteman?

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