My Black Face

My black face is so well known
By my mob
I’m always in trouble
Most days
You know nothin’ to do
Its 45 degrees here
In the shade
Red sand and struggling trees
Always hot
And we have nothing to drink
Or eat
Most times
My eyes are swelling a bit
And I’m sad for my lil’ sister
She got raped yesterday
Or so she says
Yeah, so she says
The grog takes my Dad to Paradise
He tells me he’s
Looking for Mum
I am so lucky
I have friends
And a Dad that cares
Who let me share?
Their petrol and glue

15 thoughts on “My Black Face

  1. I Think this is really sad!! Ppl Should Neva Hav Been Treated Badly And I Think Aborigines Are Awesome!!

  2. hey there are so many poeple from year 8 doing an english assignment! me too! your poems are great! but we need more info on the poets! plz thanx

  3. What up

    Im doing an English Assignment on Aborigines and I’d like to know more about MY BLACK FACE

  4. Can i have the name of the person who did this poem. i need it for an english assessment. thanks

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