My Black Dad

She’s my beautiful mother
He is as black as
The aces
Yet a diamond is within his soul
Wrinkled like an old card
That’s played a thousand hands
Weathered with life
And a leathery skin
Experience that must be trusted
And loved so much
For the life it’s seen
An unsung hero
To take us on
A bunch of white kids
Ratbags all of us
In this racist society
He’ll risk it all
For my dear Ma
Their only crime is one of loving
My white father beat her so often
You’d thought
For the most part
She was black anyway
And he
Strokes her pretty face gently
And I cry
I cry for my mother
And her new chance at love
With her Koori fellow
And I cry for my new dad
As I feel aborigine

6 thoughts on “My Black Dad

  1. this poem is great it is a symbol
    of what many of us aboriginals may have gone through so good work whoever wrote this

  2. you are right angie i feel the same.
    and i would also like to now who wrote this poem!
    this poem is really meaningful and touched me right in the heat

  3. im not an aborigini and i cant even imagine what youve been through for centuries but on behalf of all white people im SORRY for what my white brothers did by the way im italian

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