A black aboriginal walks head high
A white man nods
Hello brother nice to see you
Good that we have finally reconciled
Sorry about the past
The mistakes
We whites got greedy
We lost you
We let you struggle in our world
Your world really
We stole it
You drowned
Our world consumed you and your children
So sad so unforgiving

Miracles happen

We have finally realised
You are important
The most dinkum Australians of all

And at last
We finally said sorry

And that’s a miracle

11 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. I’m sorry.

    You have written a poem that brings tears to my ears, and a need in my heart to say ‘I’m sorry”. I’m sorry for the crap us white people have given you, for the guilt we have tried to brand you with.

    I am sorry we still don’t connect like we should often enough.

    I am Sorry

  2. This is such a great poem, I can’t even find appropriate words to describe it, so i’m just going to say that it is wonderful. And i was also wondering if I could use this poem for an English assignment I’m working on at the moment? Please. I would really love to include it, as my teacher enjoyed reading it also. Could you please get back to me ASAP

  3. Hi,
    I would just like to say that this poem is FANTASTIC! and i was also wondering if I could include it in my English assignment? Please get back to me ASAP.

  4. thankyou Carolyn that nice of you, i fogive all white people except the ones that mocks us, why do that, what we do to you, i acept some black man steal and reck the image for the rest of us but that no reason to mock us all aye

  5. hey!
    just wondering if i could use your poem for my English assessment…… I admire your work.

  6. this is a sweet poem

    i LOVE this poem may i use it 4 an assingment
    and i am sorry
    even if im an cook islander

  7. That poem was amazing…

    I believe that the Aboriginal Culture is the most pure and most strongest… I hate that some of my people try to make you ashamed of it… Aboriginals should be able to live of their Mother Land the way they should, and the way they are meant to…

    White people have completley ruined this land, and that hurts just as much because the land is their mother, their home, their life…

    I have to stop now, because I wil cry… But to all of you… Dont let ANYONE, and i mean ANYONE make you hurt. Because the blood in your veins is worth more than gold, its Australia.

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