Kakadu Wrath

Standing there

Your little toes connect


To heaven on earth

Where a million black feet have walked
Sacredly before
It’s that season

Sweet black child

Rain makes mud
Puddles make pools
Pools make lakes
And black kids play
Birds and animals

With wild flowers

Only ruined

The toads are coming

3 thoughts on “Kakadu Wrath

  1. this is mad…its really funky and awesome….i love it so much it makes my belly tickle.love luppo xooxoxoxxx

  2. Hey i like your poem i think its very good i thought i would just let you know why im on this website well im on this website because im doing a 2 week assiment about aboriginals and i picked eight topics and im really interested in this assiment so i thought i would come and here and read poems anyway i better go cause i got work to do bye

  3. Awesome poem who wrote this by the way??? Although the only reason i here is because i’m doing an assignment on aboriginal culture and i really need to know if someone can tell me if there is a different poem that include’s a type of god or angel that this website has

    Thanks 😛

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