Jacky’s Lament

His last government dollar
He takes on the world
The Whiteman’s world
Flashing lights
Jackpots that sing
Bells and whistles
A millionaire Whiteman’s
Bullshit promise
Of riches
Seduced by flashing lights
Only mindless damage
For Jacky
And his black roots
Sadly now
He looks at me with
A face that says
I’m done
I’m surely done
My elder’s way was a better way
Better than
Filthy lucre
Beer and Glue
Petrol and Handouts
Money and Starving kids
Sick kids
Uneducated kids
An angry wife
No job
No self esteem
And the marijuana he smoked yesterday
Would not
Be his last
Somewhere in life
Luck slipped him by
But at least he would live
To do it all again
On another government payday
Another marvellous “joint” venture

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