Hate Me I’m Black

Your first thought
Am I right?
I’m black no good

Must be an alcoholic

Yep I’m right it’s exactly what you thought

Australian aborigine useless
Contributor to society

My colour confirms your belief

Did you ask me what I do?
Did you strike with me a friendly conversation?
Did you ask me some advice or offer the same

Of course not I’m black

Your respect is missing
For humanity
For black knowledge

For a real Australian

I am Pastor Sir Douglas Ralph Nicholls
And you are????

3 thoughts on “Hate Me I’m Black

  1. Your poem is amazing. It’s inspired me not to judge people, although i think i may not, i still may. Thaanks for this Paulo

  2. I found your poem very inspiring. I was fortunate to come across your poem while surfing for a poem to do analytical expository task for english. I am hoping that your poem will get me the good grades.

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