I love you now
But you were always a beautiful Australian anyway
That your art was better than your colour is shame enough
White Fella’s gone mad
Aranda tribesman
A beautiful black aboriginal man named Albert by the Christians
Fame your only passport with llkalita
To a better life
And thank god you could paint a landscape son
Some sort of white rights if an aboriginal had fame
But you were always a beautiful Australian
My God, the Queen even loved you
Wisdom, courage you had it all
You made the bastards think
You brought art to all your people
The hope you planted was so necessary for your children
You are a beautiful Aboriginal man
Yet they hounded you
Those white ignoramuses had no idea
That you were always a special Australian talent
A world stage beckoning
Reverence would come
And Elea I love you always
And the world loves you and all of the racists are now biting their tongue
But not through your brilliant artworks
And not because of your skin colour
They simply can’t afford you anymore.