Black Superman

This white man’s melting brow
Took its toll
Shimmers and visions of shapes
Danced their own tune
To nothing in particular
With other illusions and delusions
Except flies
To the fallen
The weak
The meek
Delusions of a glorious life out here
Gone wrong
The occasional history lesson
In ochre
And spat on rock
Of real outback colours
In it’s truest form
So old
A million years in the making
Didn’t seem to bother my black friend
It only bothered me
I struggled to grasp the magnificence of the aborigine
And nothing out here would save my white arse
Without him

6 thoughts on “Black Superman

  1. Hey paul HELP!! my assighnment is due tomoz and i need info on yu liek where and you were born stuff you acomplished so far in ur life you get the idea please helP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can i have the name of the person who did this. i need it for an english assessment. thanks

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